Oot and a'Scoot - Summer/Fall 2016

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After wrapping up our work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Evan and I hopped onto our Vespa (which we fondly call "The Emperor") and drove it 5,000 or so kilometers from San Francisco to Toronto. Along the way, we met bears and bison, as well as a lot of really incredible people. We also managed to stumble across the only Vespa shop along the way.

India - January 2016

Evan and I got another exotic wedding invitation: this one in India! A dear friend of ours from the Google days tied the knot with his wonderful partner, and we got to explore India. I can honestly tell you that an Indian wedding is everything you have heard that it is: he literally rode into the ceremony on a white horse.

Korea! - Spring 2015


Another conference cum vacation! CHI 2015 was in Seoul, so afterwards Evan dropped by Korea and we went on an adventure over Korea's second-highest mountain, through its most famous royal burial grounds, and into its poshest Jjimjilbang (bath house) with our friends Lora and Wes.

Hawaii - Fall 2014


As usual, when one is invited to a conference in an exotic place, one invites one's spouse. After UIST 2014, Evan and I poked around the islands of Oahu, Kawaii, and Hawaii. We narrowly missed seeing actual lava (good or bad, depending how you look at it), but Volcanoes National Park was definitely a highlight of the trip.

Israel - Summer 2014


Evan and I got invited to a friend's wedding in Israel. It would have been foolish to refuse. During our time there, we got to meet my mom's penpal (they have been penpals for 40 years!), see the countryside, explore Nazareth and other holy sites, and eat a lot of tasty, tasty food.

SE Asia - Summer 2013

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Evan and I spent three months touring in Southeast Asia. We started with just two tickets to Cairns, and we got scuba certified, rode in a submarine, hiked around the Korean Island of Jeju, saw Angkor Wat, had a motorbike accident in Vietnam, and got stuck in a Filipino typhoon. Success!

Luxembourg - Spring 2013

We finally knocked off the last western European country on our lists: Luxembourg. As a special deviation after CHI 2013, we rented a car and drove both to get information from some distant relatives of mine in Metz, France, and to explore this tiny and improbable-seeming country.

Toronto to New York - Winter 2012-2013

For a ridiculous New Year's Eve, we decided to run a 5k in the dark Toronto snow. The next morning, we set out on a quest to visit the Museum of Mathematics, newly opened in New York City. We stopped by Montreal and Boston on the way, and took time to visit the Makerbot Flagship Store in NYC, too. For research purposes, you understand.

Florida Keys - Summer 2012

Although I had been several times, my husband never had, so we took the opportunity to tag along with my parents for two weeks of snorkeling, fishing, and lobster-catching.

Arizona - Winter 2012-2013

We hiked down the Grand Canyon to the bottom on New Year's Eve and emerged on New Year's Day. We carried a bottle of champagne with us down to the bottom, much to the amusement of the other folks staying in our campground. While in the area, we crossed off such bucket list items as flying in a hot air balloon.

The Little Grand Canyon - Fall 2012

We actually ran a marathon. After training for some months with our friends, we decided to use the purchase of racing tickets as a forcing function that would convince us to do it. So, we flew to Salt Lake City and ran through the Little Grand Canyon amid fossilized dinosaur footprints and petroglyphs.

Vancouver to Portland - Summer 2011

Continuing our cycling theme, we decided to do a smaller trip from Vancouver to Portland. We made some new friends along the way in rural Washington, and cultivated our love of fine beers. :)

Bike to the Earth (Copenhagen->Lisbon->Istanbul) - Spring-Fall 2010

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With ~40 lbs. of luggage each and an absurd dream to bike at least 10,000 km, Evan and I set out on a cycling trip from Copenhagen to Portugal via Istanbul. It was a chance to find ourselves (and each other) after completing our bachelors' degrees and before setting into the "real world". We discovered the incredible depths of human kindness and our own tenacity.

Switzerland - Winter 2010


While I lived in Geneva working for CERN, I had the opportunity to visit several places I'd missed during my time in Germany. I began preparing for the bike trip with my meagre 10km commute every morning. I did the bungee jump from the opening sequence of Goldeneye...

Germany and Surrounding - Summer 2009

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My first visit to Europe was while I was doing NLP research with TU Darmstadt. I had some money left from Google

Japan - Winter 2008-2009


We had some money left after working for Google, so Evan and I decided that we should head to Japan. This destination was literally chosen via the Python utility random.choice in a contest between, I believe, it, Brazil, and Madagascar.

California - Summer 2009


During the summer of my Google internship, I took the opportunity to get to know California. There was skydiving, convertible renting, jet skiing, and any ridiculous thing we could think of.

50 States

My parents decided that it was necessary that I see this beautiful country that I live in, so over 5 years we visited every state. NE, SE, NW, SW, Alaska+Hawaii. All before I was 16.