Automated Sentence Generation for a Spaced Repetition Software
Benjamin Paddags, Valkyrie Savage, Daniel Herscovich
BEA 2024

This paper presents and tests AllAI, an app that utilizes state-of-the-art NLP technology to assist second language acquisition through a novel method of sentence-based spaced repetition. Diverging from current single word or fixed sentence repetition, AllAI dynamically combines words due for repetition into sentences, enabling learning words in context while scheduling them independently. This research explores various suitable NLP paradigms and finds a few-shot prompting approach and retrieval of existing sentences from a corpus to yield the best correctness and scheduling accuracy. Subsequently, it evaluates these methods on 26 learners of Danish, finding a four-fold increase in the speed at which new words are learned, compared to conventional spaced repetition. Users of the retrieval method also reported significantly higher enjoyment, hinting at a higher user engagement.