Hello, Velo!
3D-printed case and electronics, SMS-based interface, documentation
Marvell Kinoma

Hello, Velo! attaches to a bicycle and allows its owner to communicate with it, for example to determine where she left it parked. A GSM (cellular network) antenna and a GPS antenna attached to a Kinoma Element form the device's functional core, and are enclosed in a custom 3D-printed case. All user-facing communication is performed via text message (SMS). A user may ask 'Where is my bike?' or 'Where did I park?', and in response the Hello, Velo! sends a Google maps link with its current location highlighted. The Hello, Velo! also detects when a user is heading towards their home from their office: at this time, it sends a text message to the user's significant other giving a traffic-adjusted estimated time of arrival at home. This project was completed as a demo to showcase the Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities of the Kinoma Element. I crafted the case, electronics, code, and documentation myself.