Android application and website
Savage Internet

Locatrix is an app that tracks a user's location and makes it easy to share: the twist is that, instead of sharing a precise location, the app preserves user privacy and safety by only sharing city-level location. This unusual app structure necessitates user education up-front when the app is downloaded, as well as care in design and precision in language, particularly on the interfaces that allow users to share. Locatrix comes in two parts: an app which is downloaded to the user's phone and a website which leads the user through configuring their sharing tools. Both parts use the same login information, and also allow the user to log in using a magic link (similar to slack). The app begins with a coverflow that describes the app's usage, and then has a very simple interface which just shows the most recent location recorded and allows the user to force an update (it updates at a random time each day otherwise). The website uses a dynamic form to lead users through configuring a widget for sharing in an email signature or on their blog, or a link which they can share directly.