Hi! I'm Valkyrie Savage. I call myself variously a Digital Fabricatrix (as my thesis research revolved around digital fabrication), a designveloper (as I like doing work as something between a UI/UX designer and a developer), and a human (I really like doing human things).

My husband, Evan Savage, and I co-founded a company (Savage Internet) roughly in the space of experiential education. You'll find all my most current projects there!

I received a PhD from UC Berkeley in EECS working with Björn Hartmann. My thesis, entitled "Fabbed to Sense: Integrated Design of Goemetry and Sensing Algorithms for Interactive Objects", is available online, along with a video of my dissertation talk (keep an eye out for shenanigans at the end). My thesis research focused on digital fabrication and how we can leverage its potential to make prototyping input devices a faster and easier process. I'm also intrigued by using fabrication to inspire fascination with STEAM in tomorrow's scientists.

I instructed an upper division undergraduate course on Human Computer Interaction in Summer 2015, including redesigning the curriculum, including a studio component in place of half the lectures, and integrating a new technology. Check it out at the CS160 homepage!

I did my undergrad work at Indiana University, receiving a BS in CS, a BA in Math, and minors in Psychology and Spanish.

I also have a deep wanderlust, and I like working on random projects.